Wheel Content 6. Personal Experience vs Traditional 'Book' Learning

A Though Wednesday

Wheel Content 5. Today's video is about what it means to be comfortable with what you look like and how to achieve that state of mind.
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Wheel Content 4. In today's talk, we are talking about what kind of approach you should have when it comes to dealing with people you don't like or disagree with.
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Wheel Content 3. Today we are talking about what I do to relieve stress from myself and why it works well for me. Hope you guys enjoy the video and make sure to like and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Facebook post

Wheel Content 2. Hey guys, today we are talking about my experiences on how I made friends first when I came to New Zealand. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THE VIDEO!!! Facebook post

Wheel Content 1. Hey what's up guys, My name is Bataa and welcome to my Way of Life. Today we are starting a new series. I hope you guys enjoy hearing about my failures and shortcomings. Make sure like and follow the page and PLEASE go subscribe to my youtube channel. Facebook post

Our Ways of Life #1: How did we become friends? What is our perspective on COVID-19?
This is my first ever podcast and I started it with all of my friends. This is a podcast where you will be to know a lot more about me and hear my stories with my friends.

Path 23.  Letting go. Today I wanted to talk about when to let go of somethings and when to keep holding onto them. Facebook post

Path 22.  Lost and Found
Hey guys, this path is a little on the slow side but I believe that this is something that everybody will deal with during their lifetimes and I just wanted to share on how I dealt with it.
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Path 21. Today we are talking about failure and how unbelievably painful it can be but also how unbelievably crucial it is for growth and development.
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Path 20. Today I want to share my journey towards understanding the importance of Empathy and caring for other people. I know this might be too much but I would love it for you guys to donate to my fundraiser. Please click the link below and pressing the GIVE NOW button to donate. Thanks for your consideration.

Path 19.Today I wanted to talk about staying true to yourself when you feel like you are not good enough and how you can achieve that.
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Path 18.Discipline
Today's video is about discipline and its importance for success and improvement. Hope you enjoy this video.

Path 17.Love . Life itself contains a lot more than just work and passion. You must have people that you love and that love you. Make sure you tag someone that has supported you when you were feeling low.

Path 16: Execution . Today I wanted to talk about execution. Why is it important, why is always talked about when someone asks ? It is what actually gets the job done.

Path 15. Today's video is about changing your mindset on opportunities that life gives you. It's not about looking and waiting for your chance. It's about being ready to perform when the time comes.

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Path 13. Today's topic is about how to achieve your full potential as a person and a challenge that I want all of you to try for yourselves.

Path 12: What is Confidence?
Today's path is about what is true confidence and how do we achieve it.

Path 11: To find the strength to get past loss and setbacks.

Дунд Шатны Англи Хэл

Path 10: What is happiness?

Анхан Шатны Англи Хэл

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