Path 1: The start to the impossible

This is the first post out of many to come. 

One of the reasons I created this page is because I believe that there are teenagers out there who have the potential to create value and impact on the world around them.
But they are limited by what we like to call the "Impossible". The "Impossible" are possibilities we just haven't achieved YET. The hardest thing about achieving it is setting the goal.

Find something that you have always wanted to do but always seemed too big and ambitious to strive for. That is where true value comes from.
That is how you grow exponentially as a person. For me, the "impossible" is this page right here.

I've always dreamed to inspire and impact people's lives on a worldwide scale and this is my journey to see how far I can travel on My Way of Life.
What is the "impossible" for you and Will you make it possible?

Path 2: Invest time for Value

As I was finishing my 3-hour chemistry exam, I thought to myself why am I here? What is the end goal here?

As I thought about it more and more, I realised that there were no practical uses for the information that I was taking in. I didn’t need to know how molecules work or about imaginary numbers that don’t even exist in the real world.

So maybe there is no point, there is no use for school. But that’s only true if you think it is. If you see school as a waste of time, that is exactly what it will be.
There are hundreds and thousands of teenagers who go to school just because they are forced to. These people drop out or leave the moment they are allowed to because they receive no value from the time that is used up.

The key is to invest instead of spend. As teenagers, school takes up around 6 hours of our day 5 times a week. If we say you have 200 school days, that is around 1200 hours of time you are spending at school.

The 1200 hours you are at school could be worthless if you spend it. But if you are investing it, the amount of value you receive from that time is HUGE. What I mean by finding value is finding ways schools can improve you as a person mentally and physically.

Learning how to problem solve, research or to execute big projects in a group environment or the ability to handle stress. These are the types of value I, myself aim to receive out of my 1200 hours.

So how will you use your 1200 hours?

Path 3 : Fear of the Impossible.

One of the hardest obstacles to achieving the impossible is fear. The fear of failing, the fear of not being enough and the fear that all of your ambition, hard work and dreams will be all for nothing.

This is a concept that is quite common throughout teenagers. When our brains’ horizons widen and we start to see the world from a wider perspective, the hopeful dreams of our childhood is hit with harsh reality.

We finally realise it’s not gonna be easy. It becomes clear to us that hard work and effort does not guarantee success. That unreliability of the journey can be so daunting that most choose not to try at all.

But the only thing that guarantees is the fact that your dreams and ambition is impossible after all. The key to overcoming fear is about where you place your focus.
You have to look beyond the fear and the harsh obstacles that await you and fully grasp the beauty of your dream. So envision the entirety of your dream, every single detail and realise the meaning it has for you and only you.

That meaning is what makes all the hardships and obstacles you will journey through 100% worth it.

How much meaning does the impossible have for you and how much are you willing work for it?

Path 4 : Standing together against the Impossible

No one in this world has achieved the impossible just by themselves because it is legitimately impossible by yourself. 

We, humans have limits to how much we can do by ourselves and we have a certain amount of time each day to work with.

But behind all the greatness achieved by someone there is always a team behind them that supported him through all the hardships and obstacles..

For me, I’ve always had my family to remind me that I have the potential to achieve my dreams every time I felt like I wasn’t good enough and I’ve had my friends there to help me stand back up again every time I fell down.

The value of family and friends is absolutely priceless because it is the only thing in your life that is given to you unconditionally. It is your job to cherish and never leave it behind.
Achieving the impossible and fulfilling your dream is quite amazing but what’s the point if you don’t have the people you love to stand by your side.

So charge towards impossible with no fear because the people who love you will always have your back.

Make sure to tag one person that have always had your back no matter what.

Path 5: Lost on the way to the impossible.

There are times in your journey where you are lost, where you feel like you have been doing your best for so long but nothing was getting better or improving. 

The obstacles to the impossible are not big one time things where you have to work really hard just for a bit and that’s it. It’s the sheer length of the journey that causes people to give up.

Everyone wants quick, fast success but also they want it to be long-lasting at the same time. That is just not how the world works, if you want something to last, you have to put in the time.

The trick is to keep moving, to take at least one step forward every day. The reason why the impossible is more possible for us is because we have time.

We have the time to fail as much as we want, we have the time to try as much as our heart desires and that is what makes us travel further in our journey to the impossible.

So keep on walking no matter how lost you are because eventually you will find your way and the time you have spent lost has made you stronger than who you were when you started.

Six Paths: Surviving the impossible

The journey to the impossible is one of the hardest personal goals a person can make for themselves. 

I’ve mentioned that many obstacles will be on your way and you will be tested mentally and physically to your utmost limits.

Throughout the journey, it is quite easy to be absorbed by what it has to offer which causes us to neglect our physical and mental well-being.

No matter how much the impossible means to you, no matter how enticing it could be, your health should always be your number one priority.

Keeping yourself healthy is also another part of the journey because all of your hard work and the time you invested would mean absolutely nothing if you end up dying.

I am not telling you to give up your dreams if it’s too hard, I am telling you to take a break and enjoy the beauty of life once in a while because even though time is valuable, your health should be a top priority because you can’t have time without health.

Path 7: Consistency is key.

We live in a world where we have people on the same journeys and goals as us. 
These people are going through the same obstacles and struggles you are going through and they want the impossible as badly or even more than you.

So what can you do? What can you do to stand out from the pack?

Consistency. Everyone thinks about the impossible, some start their journey but only a few reaches where they want to be.

Consistency is the key factor that brings us to success because it is the hardest thing to achieve.

It is easier to spend 3 hours studying or training in one day than to practice 15 minutes every day.

But if you are able to achieve consistency, you will create progress and improvement at an immense rate that the impossible will be well within your reach.

I have my page that puts pressure on me to post regularly for myself and I have you guys who read them to show me that consistency is working.

It will be hard to always be moving but I believe that you have the strength to make it to the end of the journey.

Path 8: YOUR journey to impossible.

The journey to the impossible is as I mentioned before, different for everybody. 

Everyone in this world has a different perspective on what is impossible and people always want their perspective to be the right one.

So they tell you “...there is no way you can do that…”, “...you are gonna fail…”, and “...you don’t have the skill…” to make you feel like you are not good enough.

But that’s the thing. It’s impossible for them, not for you. They don’t understand who you are as a person and how much achieving the impossible specifically means to you.

Because the only person that understands you more than anyone is YOU. Listen to yourself and do what you believe is right.

Failure that comes from your own actions and will is no failure at all, it is learning.

So no matter what anyone says keep on running on your own path to the impossible because it is the only path where you always learn and never fail.

Path 9: Improving yourself to beat the impossible.

We as humans love to talk about our massive goals and huge ambitions we want to achieve but we never fully know how to get there. 

It’s about improvement.

You have to improve yourself to become skilled enough to stand your ground against the impossible and I’ll tell you the quickest way to improvement which works for all aspects of life.


If you wanna run faster, run. Go outside or on a treadmill and run until you can’t run anymore. If you wanna be better at maths, do math questions. If you wanna jump higher, you gotta jump.

Our brains are the most complex but simple machines on the planet. If you continuously do something, it automatically adjusts itself do perform whatever you are doing even better.
You have to abuse this mechanic of your brain while it is still healthy.

For me, this page is the biggest example of practice.

I wanted to be able to express beliefs and values through my writing so I just keep writing and writing to keep improving.

So tell me what is it that you are amazing at just because you do it all the time?
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